One millimetre

Audi gets up close and detailed.
12 09 11 audi

Apparently, just one millimetre of Audi’s A1 vehicle has been through more rigorous testing than we went through in our entire university career, according to this new spot by Fred & Farid. This up-close-and-personal look at the process it took to ensure the rear-view light is clearly visible to the human eye is visually and audibly captivating, regardless of the mumbo-jumbo techno babble we didn’t understand (Monochromatic radiation? Nano-metres on the visible light spectrum? What happened to good ‘ol  fashioned red?)


Advertiser: Audi
Agency:  Fred & Farid
Creative directors/copywriters: Fred & Farid
Art direction: Julien-Pierre Mallet, Volker Gehr
Brand supervisors : Marc-Andreas Brinkmann, David Dargaud, Fabien Neel
Agency supervisors: Daniel Dormeyer, Buu Tran, Bénédicte Muller, Caroline Beneteau
Agency producer: Karim Naceur
Agency post producer: Sandrine De Monte
Director: Mehdi Norowzian
Production: RSA London
Producer: Lisa Joseph