Spoil yourself

Netflix reveals some of the biggest twists in TV and film.
Spoiler Alert

They’re everywhere. Pretending to be “ignorant” and excusing themselves from spoiling a show or film for you because they thought everyone had already seen it. These uninhibited people have been lovingly nicknamed the “Clueless Spoilers” by Netflix in it’s latest social media and PR push. The company has also coined the “Coded Spoiler,” who speaks in code so that only the biggest fans of a show know what they’re yapping about. And in the video above, Netflix goes through the gamut of spoilers, from the impulsive to the shameless. It’s even getting in on the game of revealing plot twists, and has launched the “Spoil Yourself” portal where anyone can open Pandora’s box (or in this case, Hollywood’s box), and discover turning points that could either break their heart or give them material for the next day’s water cooler conversation.


Brand: Netflix
Research: Harris Poll
Consultant (cultural anthropologist): Grant McCracken

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