Meet Tappy

Softcard makes no-touch payment more friendly.

One of the next frontiers in what our phones can do for us is in-store purchasing. However, no-touch payments and mobile wallets can be a bit intimidating for those of us who don’t know how they work, even when it’s an app as simple as Softcard. Agency Camp + King shows that Tappy, anĀ adorable shiny-eyed puppet version of the company’s payment terminal, is nervous about the whole thing, too. But in the spot above, a friendly cashier at McDonald’s, where Softcard is accepted, helps soothe his worries. Another spot (below) shows that there’s no need to worry, as Tappy learns to get his wits about him (and maybe even a little too confident).


Brand: Softcard
Agency: Camp + King
Chief Creative Officer: Roger Camp
Creative Directors: Rikesh Lal, Paul Sincoff
Art Director: Eric Lowery
Copywriter: Avery Stokes Harrison
Director of Content Production: David Verhoef
Production Company: Green Dot Films
Director: Luc Schurgers
Partners/Executive Producers: Rich Pring, Darren Foldes
Producer: JP Mandarino
Director of Photography: Sean Stiegemeier
Editorial Company: Misfit
Editor: Doug Cox
Assistant Editor: Stu Barnes
Executive Producers: Kelly Koppen, Jim Vaughan
Music Company: JSM
Executive Producer: Joel Simon
Composers/Arrangers: Joel Simon, Koki Saito
Visual Effects: Arsenal FX
Sr. Compositer, Visual Effects: Matt Motal, Jeff Aquino, Sean Starkweather, Mike Johnson, Josh Studebaker, Ed Anderson
Executive Producer: Ashley Hydrick
Producers: Sabrina Elizondo, Jessica Ambrose
Account Director: Audrey Santamarta
Business Affairs: Tricia Krasneski
Planner: Anne Tway