Go Cottonelle. Go Commando.

Um, would you go nude for super soft toilet paper?

Excuse the crass pun, but does this ad for Cottonelle smell like something Poo Pourri would have made? Yes, it has the obvious connection to the loo, and of course, it stars a quirky blonde Brit, but it also has a way of making viewers scratch their head wondering, “is this for real?” We’re not entirely sure if the “streeters” actually went commando because their bums felt so clean, since we’re still busy trying to get the thought out of our heads.


Brand: Cottonelle
Agency: Trisect
Director: Fred Goss
Production Company: Company Films
Editor: Matt Walsh
Editorial Company: Cutters
Sound: John Binder
Sound Studio: Another Country
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Cancilla
Chief Strategy Officer: Gabe Misarti
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Hughes
Group Creative Director: Mel Routhier
Senior Copywriter: Dan Lewis
Senior Art Director: Garrett Fleming
Copywriter: Aaron Vick
Group Account Director: Soraya Faber
Account Director: Meg Graeff
Account Executive: Jeanette Polanin
Strategic Planning Director: Danielle Simon
Producer: Corrine Serritella