You are not a kitty cat

A reminder from Volkswagen Leasing to stop acting like a fool.

Let’s level with each other, cat lovers of the internet: you’re super weird sometimes. Berlin agency Mangan has made this obvious by compiling viral videos of the past where you’ve dressed up like your pets for whatever reason, all while one of the internet’s first songs about cats plays. That is, until a real cat who has the decency to act like a respectable member of society and the common sense to lease a sensible car like a Volkswagen, pulls up to let you know that there are easier (and less embarrassing to you and your loved ones) ways to both get on the internet and behind the wheel of the car.

Brand: Volkswagen Leasing
Agency: Mangan Berlin
Marketing, Volkswagen Leasing: André Hajek, Miriam Laridjani, Rafael Schady, Kristin Woltmann
Copywriter/Concept: Christian Fries
Art Director: Christian Peters
Art Director: Felix Szymoniakn
Production Company: Tony Petersen Film Berlin
Director: Curtis Wehrfritz
Director of Photography: Stefan Austmeyer
Executive Producer: Fabian Barz
Producer: Stefanie Schuster
Casting: Ana Dávila
Production Design: Sven Gessner
Make Up: Andres Heldmann
Styling: Katja Höft
Editor: Hannes Andresen
Colour Grading: Pana Argueta
Post Production: nhb studios Berlin
Cat Animation: Fido, Sweden
Music: Steve Ibsen