Did Toyota just hijack my phone?

The brand killed Siri so drivers don't do the same to others.

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Toyota has a pretty “Siri”-ous safety message for the folks in Sweden. Yes, that pun was intended, and yes, Siri was the hero in a radio campaign that included the first instance of a brand hijacking a person’s phone for the sake of others. The automaker enlisted Saatchi & Saatchi to create a radio ad that had a voiceover communicate with Siri. If an Apple user was driving with their phone plugged into the car charger and their Siri application open, the radio ad would begin to speak to the intelligent personal assistant and ask her to turn the phone to airplane mode while the phone’s owner was driving. But why, you ask? Well, with a phone set to a do not disturb mode, the driver is left without any call or text distractions that could lead to an accident on the road.


Brand: Toyota
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden
Nordic ECD: Jason Mendes
Creative Director: Regner Lotz
Creative: Casper Christensen, Rene Schultz
Business Director: Annette Piilgaard
Account Director: Charlotta Tibbelin
Account Manager: Diana Wellendorf
Director B-Reel: Patrik Gyllström:
Editor B-Reel: Patrik Gyllström:
Exec. Producer B-Reel: Rikard Åström:
Producer B-Reel: Cathrin Holmqvist
Assistant Copywriter: Jacob Norremark
Assistant Art Director: Stefan Arnoldus