Don’t know how to text your kids?

Domino's created emoji literacy flashcards to teach old dogs new tech.

emoji dominoes

The country (and perhaps the world) is suffering from a new form of illiteracy. People age 21 (give or take) and up are experiencing increased levels of confusion and shame when texting teens and tweens because of their inability to read and write using what kids these days call “the emoji.” Luckily (we think), Domino’s is putting a stop to this epidemic. The pizza maker – along with CP+B, which took home a Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes for creating an emoji ordering system –┬áhas created the world’s first “emoji literacy” cards to help teach parents how to speak, express ideas and emotions to their kids using the mouse-type characters. Don’t believe the gravity of the situation? Watch this “PSA” and then use the digital template to print your own set of physical cards and educate yourself before it’s too late.


Brand: Domino’s
Agency: CP+B