Did you know lemons can clean glass?

WWF has some other neat suggestions to help the planet.

Last year, the World Wildlife Fund released a report suggesting one of the biggest ways humans have a negative impact on the environment is from the packaging we use for our household products (which need valuable resources to make and wind up in landfills once we are done with them). That’s especially frustrating considering you can clean your house (and yourself) with many things that are already in your fridge or cupboard, so the organization, with help from Leo Burnett Sydney, embarked on a campaign to educate everyone.

Special out-of-home installations were filled with single, easy-to-find ingredients that could be used to replace some of your most-used products, like cinnamon sticks for mouthwash or lemons for glass cleaner. Special kiosks were set up, giving away more economic and environmentally-friendly packages of the alternatives. They also featured a transparent outline, making it easy to see the thing they were looking to replace.


If you aren’t down under and still looking for a way to make the world a little cleaner (in more ways than one), you can go to a microsite and watch helpful instructional videos that show you just how easy it is. Our personal favourite, especially for summer, is using oranges to keep insects away.


Brand: World Wildlife Fund
Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney