Welcome to The Addison’s Residence

A new bar from Community looks like an apartment.

joel levy 2
Ice-breakers (that is, successful ice-breakers) are easier to come by at house parties than at clubs. Making friends in someone else’s home is usually a little less painful than in a crowded, table-ridden bar, but there’s not always a ton of room to mingle in today’s condo. That’s why we love this new concept bar, created by the folks at Toronto ad agency Community. It looks, smells, and feels like someone’s apartment, but it’s, in fact, a bar. The creatives really wanted to sell the idea, so it even came up with a fictional family, hence the name, The Addison’s Residence. In it, you will be greeted by images of the family on the walls in three different rooms: the kitchen, living room and recreation room – all styled to match upscale Palm Springs architecture from the 1960s. And the best part is that you don’t have to walk out the door feeling guilty because you didn’t offer to help the host clean up the mess. Not that we’ve done that (much).

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Images by Joel Levy