The St. Johns Board of Trade-image

St. John’s Board of Trade makes greeting cards for delayed packages

Target helps the organization find another reason for people to shop local.


RenoAssistance has fun with the horrors of finding a contractor

The brand taps Francois Bellefeuille again in a spot that references The Shining.


Corona sees a light inside the tunnel after Daylight Savings

FCB helps the brand push its nonalcoholic Sunlight beer by mimicking outdoor light indoors.


Prema-Quebec makes a book that’s the same weight as a premature baby

Lg2 compiled stories by local authors to raise funds for the non-profit.

FIFA-World Cup-Trophy-Coke

The FIFA World Cup Trophy tour touches down in Toronto

Presenter Coca-Cola is playing up the “magical” moments of football and linking back to past campaigns.


A new underwear brand is taking the piss

Manley Barrier Apparel is provocatively highlighting how it deals with an embarrassing problem.


Zulu makes fun of awards after nabbing AOY Silver

The shop has fun with a mock case study about a crappy product.


Maison Simons repositions as more than a retailer

The Canadian fashion brand has launched a new campaign with BHLA that’s about connection, rather than just commerce.


Lg2 and Circonflex make placeholder text interesting

Now there’s a song built around Lorem Ipsum, generic copy used by designers.


KFC is freaking out for Halloween

The QSR is changing its tagline and releasing glow-in-the-dark buckets for a surprisingly popular night for takeout.

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