Samsung’s Catch Up Grant

Would you spend 100 days in the Himalayas binge-watching TV?
samsung 1

One hundred days with a bunch of Himalayan monks in a secluded mountain cove. Wouldn’t that be nice? But wait, it gets better (we think). How about adding a single television into the mix? Would you jump at the chance of being able to do nothing but watch TV shows and movies in complete and utter peace for 100 days straight? If so, you might want to take a look at Samsung’s “Catch Up Grant,” which was created with the help of DDB Stockholm and gives “those unfortunate enough to have fallen behind on the latest TV series” the chance to, well, catch up.

This is what Henrik Lethagen, marketing manager at Samsung has to say about the idea behind the grant: “A common topic of conversation nowadays is ‘FOMO – the fear of missing out.’ We don’t have time to keep up with episodes of all the fantastic series out there, and the fear of being left behind in the ongoing pop culture conversation becomes a source of stress. The Catch-up Grant is here to help those in need.”

Oh, and did we mention that the winner will be compensated for the time they spend at the sanctuary? Yeah, submissions close October 4, so you better get on that.


Brand: Samsung
Agency: DDB Stockholm
Creative: Daniel Mencák
Business Director: Jessica Morales
Account Director: Rebecca Jerndahl Tepavac
Account Managers: Ulrica Carlsson, Ulrika Sörensen
Planner: Patrick Wilkorsz
Digital Designer: Erik Sigblad
Digital Designer: Martin Ruben
Digital Director: Andreas Fabbe
Digital Account Director: Katarina Mohlin
Graphic Designers: Tor Westerlund, Sebastian Reinbring, Steven McDonald
Digital Production Company: Acne production
Production Company: Mastiff
Director: Brennan Stasievicz
Executive Producer: Kristian Beer
Producer: Mats Olsson
Photographer: Adam Uhl
PR Agency: Wenderfalck


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