Outdoor tips for indoor people

Dissolve made a slick promo (and useful for you city-dwellers) video using stills from its vault of stock shots.
dissolve 3

Stock shots can sometimes be a little, well, stocky, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Calgary’s Dissolve is showing creatives that its vault of stock shots can deliver more than the stiff, seen-before stuff you come across from time to time. It’s showing diversity and creativity in its photos with a handy little video it created, using only stock images. No video, just stills.

It’s called “Outdoor tips for indoor people” and shows city-dwellers how to survive being in nature (if they happen to find themselves there, willing or unwillingly). It includes helpful back-up plans for emergencies (like not being able to build a fire – wear every piece of clothing you have in your possession) and other practical advice for us nature newbs.


Agency: Dissolve
Voiceover: Bob Brewster
Music: “Camp Vamp” by Mark Ullrich, licensed from Audiosocket
Sound effects: Soundsnap