Making laundry less of a chore

Trouble getting your teen to help around the house? Samsung will let them trade dirty clothes for video game time.

Whether you’re a parent or have even seen a teenager lately, you know it can be pretty hard to pull their faces away from their devices to help out around the house. Samsung is probably partially to blame for this, between its smartphones and digital monitors and VR headsets, but with “LANdry,” it’s doing its best to turn its tech into an incentive.

The company, along with DDB Stockholm, outfitted a laundromat in Sweden with its new AddWash washing machines, with each one wirelessly connected to a Galaxy S7 smartphone. That might not be super enticing to teenagers, but those phones were, in turn, connected to a top-of-the-line gaming computer that would otherwise cost a fortune for them to have in their own homes. Every time they put laundry in the machines, it sent that data to one of the phones, giving the teens access to a computer. The more laundry they did for their family, the more time they got to play.


Brand: Samsung
Agency: DDB Stockholm
Creatives: Martin Runfors, Dennis Phang, Joel Ekstrand, Nick Christiansen
Producer: Lars Nordenson
Account Director: Christian Westelindh
DoP: Erik Persson
Account manager: Ulrica Carlsson
Agency Producer: Per Welén
Production Manager: Daniel Israeli
Production Company: Camp David
Director: Stina Lütz
Music: Henning Fürst