A gum made for flight

Air France crafts some relief for passengers whose ears suffer from cabin pressure.

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This is probably some bizarre old wives’ tale, but this Stim writer once heard that if you cover a baby’s ears with paper cups before a plane ascends/descends, it helps prevent the quiet flight from being filled with high-pitched squeals and screams. Perhaps it’s a simple solution for babies, who aren’t yet able to chew on the Air France-branded gum that helps reduce painful blocked ears thanks to cabin pressure.

That’s right: Air France, with the help of agency BETC, has developed chewing gum that supposedly prevents “internal ear pressure and makes the travel experience more enjoyable,” according to a release announcing the launch of La Gomme à Mâcher. The 100% natural gum comes in two flavours – pistachio-macaroon and crème brûlée – and is available for free on flights from Paris, as well as online after touching down in the U.S.


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