Pornhub’s dark period

The adult site is targeting women with a straight-talking ad on menstruation.

It’s great when things are personalized. You can get razor blade refills sent to you every month depending on how much you shave. A professional can create a custom skincare solution for you. And, apparently, you can get your porn custom-tailored to your period.

Pornhub has created a new site,, a female-targeted site that sends women notifications for porn when it estimates their period is taking place. The reasoning? Some believe that having an orgasm while menstruating is good for relieving cramps.

The company once again looked to creative agency Officer and Gentlemen to create the campaign promoting the new site, which aims to disrupt conventional thinking around how we speak about menstruation. Check it out. It’s suitable for work, we swear:


Brand: Pornhub
Agency: Officer & Gentleman

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