Cruising with the Conners

Boarding the subway in NYC? You might ride with some old familiar friends, courtesy of ABC.

Wrapping a whole subway car? Been there, done that. Outfitting an entire subway car interior? Now we’re talking.

To amp up anticipation of its mid-season premiere of the Roseanne re-boot, ABC has tricked out an entire New York subway car to emulate the titular character’s living room. From Roseanne’s iconic afghan on the benches to family portraits and even a cozy fireplace, commuters between Grand Central and Time’s Square will feel like they’re right at home with the Conner family.

The activation will run for the next four weeks.

We’ve seen quite a few creative subway takeovers here in Toronto (like this pun on Castle Frank Station), but we’re quite sure we’ve never seen an entire TTC car outfitted as a living room.

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