We’ve got that Friday feeling

Stimulant is officially a Friday publication. Fun, fun, fun, fun, looking forward to the newsletter!
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Happy Friday, readers!

It feels so good to say that.

You may have asked yourselves this past Wednesday, “Where’s my Stimulant?” And we don’t mean, “Where’s my coffee/tea/Adderall?” We mean, “Where’s my strategy-owned curated newsletter of all things creative, fun and just a little distracting?”

Fear not. We’ve just moved to Fridays.

Well, for one thing, Friday simply feels right for us. Stimulant is fun, creative and a little unpredictable. Just like Fridays.

On top of that unique Friday feeling, Stimulant is in a better position to deliver you the “best of the week” on Friday, not Wednesday. By moving our newsletter send date to the end of the week, we’re able to showcase a genuine “best of the week” collection.

Now, we do realize that we’ve been pretty comfortable sending our newsletter every Wednesday around 2 p.m. Now that we’re a Friday deal, we want to make sure we’re getting out a little early – before that 3:30 sneak-out and maybe even before that liquid lunch.

So, to recap, you can expect Stimulant to be:

  • Fresher;
  • Earlier;
  • Friday-er.

(That’s how that Daft Punk song goes, right)?

To conclude this message, please enjoy this tribute to the best day of the week, Friday.