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7 days of garbage

7 Days of Garbage

Portraits of people in a bed of trash they produce in a week.

Russo 3

The moire effect in art

Designer Ralph Russo plays with colour, texture and shape.

moss sculptures

Seriously cool art

You won’t be able to turn your eyes away from these sculptures.


Figure painting

An artist who’s not only creative, but a Subbuteo expert too.

aaron 3

Humanizing technology

Aaron Koblin’s beautiful visuals of data.


Figure Drawing

Life-drawing for newbs and pros.


Sticky art

Tread lightly near this gum masterpiece.


Seeing Red

This artist plays with her food.


Filling tree holes

Random acts of art inside China’s vegetation.

12 08 07 ikea 2

Hanger art

Colourful Ikea hangers get a second life.