Get off my back!

A documentary about the most extreme sport on earth.


Writer and director: Jay Dahl
Actors: Mark Day, Dax Ravina
Executive producer: Gilles Belanger
Producers: Gilles Belanger, Jay Dahl
Production manager: Karlie Morash
Director of photography: Kyle Cameron
Picture editor: Carrie Mackenzie
Production coordinator: Sandra Larson
Sound effects: Christian Wood

Halifax filmmaker Jay Dahl has won a stack of awards for this short doc, which was filmed on a $3,000 budget and shot in one day. It has won five Best Film Audience Awards (including a Golden Sheaf and the NSI Audience Award) and played at over forty film festivals to date (including Toronto World Wide and the 47th Annual London British Film Institute Film Festival). A hit in Australia, it is currently touring Japan.