Win this book

Stimulant contest! Fame and fortune await you...

New York-based artist and designer Joshua Davis is putting on Outside the Lines, a one-man show at Function 13 Gallery in Toronto, in conjunction with his appearance at the eighth annual design and tech conference, FITC Toronto 2009. You’ve probably heard of Davis’ projects including the now-defunct Praystation, or seen his Once Upon a Forest work on biodegradable plastic trash cans for Umbra.

Now you can win one of his purdy notebooks from Spanish label Miquelius. All you have to do is email Carey at ctoane[at]brunico[dot]com with one random item – it can be an artist’s work, website, blog, project, clothing, book, trend, media – from Canada – in other words, anything *but* advertising. Repeat: no advertising! Any clever hidden advertising will be sniffed out and rejected forthwith.

Include a link and a short blurb explaining what it is and why you like it/think it’s cool/strange/inspiring/what have you, as well as some info on who you are, where you live and work/study, your mailing address, and what you think of stimulant.

Five lucky winners will get a Joshua Davis Miquelius notebook, plus the infinite glory and bragging rights of being featured in stimulant‘s Tuesday newsletters for the next two weeks leading up to FITC. 
Deadline: Monday April 13, 10 a.m.