Good Brad Pitt, good.

To show that Brad Pitt has been a good boy, Sumo-wrestling champ Musashimaru gives him a reinforcing pat on the head.


advertiser: SoftBank, Japan
agency: Dentsu
director: Spike Jonze
production Company: MJZ

This spot for SoftBank in Japan, developed by Dentsu in Japan, was directed by notable Hollywood director Spike Jonze and stars even more notable Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. In the glorious tradition of the buddy film genre, Mr. Pitt is teamed up with Sumo champ Musashimaru. To convey that SoftBank serves its customers in any way necessary, Pitt, acts as the giant Sumo’s personal assistant. Pitt does an exemplary job and Musashimaru rewards him with a congratulatory pat on the head. That’s right Brad Pitt. Know your role. Because otherwise Musashimaru will eat YOU.