The great french fry famine

One man's McDonald's french fry (Or freedom fry? Is that still going on?) is an entire civilization's golden gift.


advertiser: McDonald’s
agency: DDB, Chicago
group CD: Bill Cimino
copywriter: Kevin Goff
AD: Gordon West
production manager: Joann Baker
executive director of integrated production: Diane Jackson
associate producer: Jessica Dana
group account director: Todd Nonken
account executive: Leslie Klein
prodco: Biscuit Filmworks USA
director: Tim Godsall
DOP: Jeff Cronenweth
senior executive producer: Shawn Lacy
executive producer: Holly Vega
line producer: Karen O’Brien
editorial company: The Whitehouse
editor: Matthew Wood
executive producer: Kristin Branstetter
XFX/finish: Prime Focus, London
account handler: Amanda Duncan
CD: Derek Moore
senior producer: Jordan Andreopoulos
line producer: Sara Beckman
shoot supervisor: Mike Fink
telecine grade: Tareq Kubaisi
flame artist: Tim Davies, Pete Young, James Maclachlan
CGI: Josh George, Adam Seeley
sound design and mix: Wave Studios, London, Johnnie Burn
music: Tonic
executive producer: Susan Stone

This spot by DDB Chicago for McDonald’s puts a new spin on the five second rule. What might be just one french fry for you could be an entire civilization’s miracle – a tasty, salty, golden end to many a hard and labourious year under the dark pall of a french fry famine. But hey, when it comes down to a Mickey D’s french fry, we’d forsake the tiny civilization living in our car too. Though we’d feel guilty. For about five seconds. What the hell are they doing in that dude’s car anyway? Get an ant farm or something man. And for the record, we wish that one of the little people had said, ‘They may take our fries, but they’ll never take…OUR FREEDOM!’ That would have been sweet on so many levels.