Don’t be a wall hugger

Samsung puts a stop to lives being charged away.
wall huggers1

This might sound odd, but this Stim writer has always tried to be a wall hugger, at least in the context that Samsung’s latest ad has put the term. You see, wall huggers are people who are found tethered to a wall socket in an airport terminal so that they may surf and sit as they wait for their plane to arrive. But, alas, I never seem to find an empty enough spot on the wall that I feel my privacy (and pants) remain uncompromised. But Samsung, as mentioned, is letting people know in a new spot that you don’t have to fight to be a wall flower with its new Galaxy S 5, which boasts anĀ Ultra Power Saving Mode and comes with an extra battery pack. It’s a jab to Apple products (with every one of the wall loiterers holding an iPhone), and it paints a pretty morbid picture of how humans simply can’t sit still without a phone for a few hours at a time.


Brand: Samsung Mobile USA
Agency: 72andSunny