Everybody sweats

Sport Chek shares stories of why runners run.

Is this Stim writer the only one left who isn’t going for a run every night? With both global and Canadian work from Nike and a hub of resources from Adidas looking to reach the growing number of runners out there, it only makes sense that the place where you actually buy your running gear would get in on the action as well.

In a new campaign from Rethink, as part of Sport Chek’s “All Sweat Is Equal” platform, the retailer is looking to let everyone know the work they put into running is just as good as the work done by others, no matter what level you’re at. Even though the featured runners are some of Canada’s top athletes, they’re people who have overcome what may have seemed like insurmountable roadblocks, so the rest of us can surely get ten minutes in before dinner. Sport Chek’s YouTube page also features stories from individual athletes, from finding a way to excel in rugby despite not having the “typical” athlete body to surviving cancer. These are also collected on a microsite that allows everyone from newbies to fitness freaks to share their stories.


Brand: Sport Chek
Agency: Rethink