A smile you can (literally) feel

Listerine created an app that tells the blind when a loved one is happy.

Whether someone was born blind or they lost their sight over time, not being able to see the expression on someone’s face is one of the things that can further alienate a blind person from those around them. That’s why Listerine developed an app for a person to know when someone is happy to be there. Developed by J. Walter Thompson’s London office, Feel Every Smile uses facial recognition and vibrates when the phone’s camera detects someone is smiling. In the video for the app, you can watch as four people give the app a try on themselves (which generated plenty of smiles to test it with). From there, it was only a matter of switching to the rear camera and hanging the phone from a lanyard around their necks so they can know, in some cases for the first time, when their loved ones crack a grin.

The app launches in the U.K., Ireland, South Africa, the Netherlands and Germany this week.


Brand: Listerine
Agency: J. Walter Thompson London
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: John Cherry
Creatives: Will Helm, Will Brookwell
TV Producer: Spru Rowland
Planners: Thomas Scovell, Julie Roberts
Global Director in Charge: Rafael Freitas, Matthew Cunnell
Account Director: Lizzie Alleyne
Project Managers: Julian Poole, Joseph Bassary
Digital Producer: Julian Poole
Media agency: MEC
Media planner: Charles Peyron
Director: Lucy Walker
Production Company: Pulse Films
Editor: GPS
Sound: Wake the Town
Exposure: TBC