Kettles and lighting for cowboys and crew

Slick and sleek coffee kettles and oil lamps.


Since hipsterism seems to intensify over the holidays (it’s the lumberjack chic combo of festive flannel and Santa-influenced beards), why not take it all the way and bring that aesthetic to our favourite addiction? I’m talking about coffee. For co-workers who can pull off a rugged barista look, give them the gift of Cowboy Coffee Kettle. It’s made by the mad lighting scientists at Castor Design, and is on the Umbra Shift site, so this item gets double Cancon points.

And speaking of lighting, if you want to go full retro Canadiana, Castor partnered up with Harnisch, Canada’s oldest gas lamp makers (since 1842), and pooled their century-plus of gas lamp know-how with Castor’s stripped down aesthetic to make a new classic. Even Mies would like it. You can get these puppies at Mjolk, or online from Castor.

Warning: Do not use the lamp in an attempt to go full cowboy with the kettle.

castor-oil-lamp-enviro.jpg castor-designs-oil-lamp-1

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