There’s no avoiding Canal+ sports coverage

This man goes to every soccer match, yet he misses every game.

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We’ve always wondered about the bouncers and the bartenders at bars that see some of the best bands perform. We wonder if they have a passion for music, which is why they work there, and if so, how do they stand not being able to jam?

The same question could be asked of this man in a new spot for Canal+ by BETC. For more than 20 years, the channel has had exclusive rights on the live broadcast of the highly-anticipated football game between Olympique de Marseille (OM) and Paris Saint Germain. To promote its coverage, it created a commercial that shows a die-hard OM fan at his job on the field. The stink of it all is that, while he’s been to every single game, he has yet to watch it live. But that’s about to all change…(we won’t give any more away, but we will say we smiled goofily at the twist, even though we know it’s pretty silly and defeats the whole point of him being there in the first place).


Brand: Canal +
Agency: BETC