Haka dancing, medieval reenactments and truffle hunting

Booking.com lets you search by passion, not just place.


Travelling to New Zealand isn’t just about getting away. It can also be about practising the Haka warrior dance with your kids in your hotel room.

It’ll all make sense once you watch the spots below, where Booking.com explains how it can help you find destinations (like the volcanic and glacier islands where you can put on your best ferocious face) that best fit your “passions” in life.

In three new spots by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam for the travel site, adventurous families, couples and individuals are shown doing things outside their normal day-to-day activities, such as battling each other in a test of medieval knight sword-fighting in Italy or digging in the ground for truffles next to a wily pig in France. They’re meant to promote the site’s new search function, which lets visitors search for destinations by passion. We’ve already spent a good deal of our morning playing with the function, and we’re pretty much set for our next few trips (thanks to search finds “tango dancing in Argentina,” “tea ceremonies in Japan” and “orchestras in Vienna”).


Brand: Booking.com
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Chief Marketing Officer: Pepijn Rijvers
Head of Brand: Manuel Douchez
Brand Communications Director: Andrew Smith
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Creative Directors: Genevieve Hoey, Sean Condon, Joe Burrin