You can’t get much closer to music than this

Basslet lets you feel the vibrations in jazz, or whatever else you're into.

basslet 1

Do you feel music? Before you answer that, note that we’re not just talking about the sadness that bubbles up when you listen to Adele, or the foot-tapping, head-bopping happiness that builds into full-on dance when you hear a Justin Bieber song. We’re talking about the somatic stuff. Let’s call it the physical equivalent of synethesia (a phenomenon where music can quite literally be seen by some). If you answered no, you’re not alone, but you can breathe happy now, because Basslet is here and it’s bringing the feeling of music to wrists of all shapes and size.

The Lofelt-owned device (made in Germany) can take music and translate its deep bass into vibrations that tickle your arm, so you can literally be “touched by music” as it flows through your body. The best part is that it’s wireless and you don’t need another app stealing share of your (probably) already congested phone dashboard. One thing though: between all the fitness trackers, smart watches and, now, this, we’re not quite sure how anyone’s meant to have any free wrist/arm space these days?

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