Breaking down borders

Samsung's moving Olympic spot is an anthem within multiple anthems.

screen shot 2016-08-01 at 10.31.48 pm

If you decided to jump ahead and watch the Samsung videos below and suddenly got a rush of goosebumps along your arms and legs, it’s not because someone just turned the air conditioner dial to “meat locker” – they’re just that good at making the hairs on your body stand on end.

The inspiring Samsung spots are beautifully crafted by the folks at Leo Burnett in the U.S and Australia. And it’s the first time we’ve felt something for a music “mash-up,” as the brand took verses from several countries’ national anthems and created a new version, to present a “sponsor without any borders” for the Olympics. An older Botswanian man sings a line from Australia’s anthem, while a young girl from down under returns the favour. The entire spot consists of anthem swapping to create a new version of an anthem celebrating the Games, which will bring together countries from all over the world later this year in Rio.