Get a reality check from Mother Superior

An 86-year-old nun puts the rest of us to shame in this inspiring Nike ad.
nike 1

Just because it’s more difficult to compete in a triathlon when you’re 86 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. The gospel truth is being spoken, and lived, by a dainty but dynamite nun in a Nike spot of epic proportions.

Her name is Sister Madonna Buder, and she’s way past her prime, but you’d never think it after watching her run through rolling hills, swim across deep lakes and compete in the IronMan triathlon (for the 46th time!). The spot, and additional behind-the-scenes interview with the Sister, was created by¬†Wieden + Kennedy Portland as part of the brand’s Unlimited campaign and platform, which has been making some spectacular noise during the Rio games with spots featuring pre-athlete babies and crafty copy.


Advertiser: Nike
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland