RBC banks on Jay Baruchel’s charms again

The Canadian comedian returns in a series of funny spots by BBDO Toronto.

RBC and Jay Baruchel are back together in a series of ads designed to highlight how great the relationship can be between a client and their bank (and get a few laughs at the same time).

The new ads by BBDO Toronto follow last year’s brand campaign once again using the comedian’s classic Canadian personality to break down the intimidating walls financial institutions can have. In 15- and 30-second spots, Baruchel finds himself in casual conversations with friends where he uses his comedic charm to explain different facets of the RBC app, MyAdvisor.

The ads find a fun, relatable way to communicate complicated, decidedly not fun topics, like mortgages and saving. Booooring! BBDO makes communicating grey topics in a colourful way look effortless, but as all creatives know it’s actually very hard to pull off. A bank ad that makes you literally LOL? It’s a magic trick Baruchel et al once again pull off.


Client: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Agency: BBDO Toronto
Production: Skin & Bones