Rock band remixing

Take your DJing skills online to remix a band called the Cold War Kids.


advertiser: Cold War Kids
live-action/interactive prodco: Tool of North America
director/concept: Sam Jones
DP: Mark Williams
EPs: Dustin Callif, Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel
flash developer: Jason Nickel
line producer: Angela Jones Solomon
editorial: Cosmo Street
editor/online artist: Asako Ushio
producers: Jerry Sukys, Justin Smollan
song producers: Kevin Augunas, Greg Koller
recording engineer: Greg Koller
interface designer: Marcus Edvalson
management: Monotone, Inc
manager: Brett Williams

To promote their new single, ‘Can’t Get Enough,’ the band Cold War Kids decided to let fans determine how the song sounds, working with Tool of North America to give them the chance to bring their latent DJ skills to the fore. Aspiring song mixologists can go online here and, with the ability to switch up individual performers mid-song without missing a beat, can remix the track any way they see fit. It’s literally like being the band’s puppet master, and that, friends, is awesome. We get to live out all those DJ fantasies, and also have an outlet that gives us god-like power. Bomb.