Football is all about frozen moments of glory.


advertiser: Nike Football Brand Design
CD: Andy Walker
senior designer: Gary Horton
producers: Penny Pijnenburg, Els Tau
director: Psyop
prodco: Psyop, Los Angeles
Psyop CDs: Thibault Debaveye, Alex Hanson
executive producer: Neysa Horsburgh
producer: Alyssa Evans
associate producer: Amanda Miller
editors: Mike Hackett, Carsten Becker
storyboard artists: Wayne Coe, Josh Wiesenfeld
designer: Jake Sargeant
VFX supervisor/TD/look dev: Chris Eckardt
modeler: Mike Riendeau
pre-visualization: Yvain Gnabro, Sammy Wong
3D animators: Yvain Gnabro, Ari Teger, Andy Kim
2D animators: Ara Devejian, Chad Howitt
FX artists: Brian Alvarez
lighters: Chris Eckardt, Brian Broussard, Matt Berenty, Jin Choi
compositors: Matt Lavoy, Ryan Bozajian, Miguel Bautista, Chad Howitt
flame artists: Thibault Debaveye, Alex Kolasinski, John Shirley
music/sound design/arranger: Leonard de Leonard

The World Cup might be over, but we thought, hey, why don’t we feature one more soccer-related ad? We guess we  sometimes have trouble letting go. It’s a pretty cool looking spot that LA-based prodco Psyop developed for Nike to promote four of their football boots. Nike approached Psyop directly, skipping over agency involvement. Playing in-store during the world’s greatest tournament, it features prominent footballers cast in stone, sporting expressions that ultimately result from moments of supreme glory on the pitch. Or, maybe they just cashed one of their huge multi-million dollar paychecks. Who knows.