Nissan plays nice

The brand pays tribute to (competitor) trucks that came before it.

We’re not really used to hearing competing brands say nice things about each other, especially when it comes to trucks, because automakers have a long history of calling out what they deem to be inferior craftsmanship compared to their own products (in both subtle and more direct ways).

That’s why this new campaign for Nissan’s Titan XD pickup by TBWA\Chiat\Day stands out, by not only being direct, but nice. It starts with a take on the “standing on the shoulders of giants” concept, showing kids and adults and the people in their lives who they look up to most, as well as all the things they can accomplish in life. What starts out as a metaphor turns into a straight-up tribute, with the voiceover thanking Ford, Chevy and Dodge by showing classic models right before the Titan XD makes its first appearance.

While it’s fun to imagine execs at the other companies spitting out their tea before vowing to change their ways and never make a combative ad again, it makes sense for Nissan, a challenger in the truck category, to pay tribute to brands with more established, loyal customer bases and hopefully foster some goodwill with them instead.


Brand: Nissan
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day