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Vizzy Hard Seltzer says it’s not a drag to live in Canada

The Molson brand got Priyanka to dole out compliments and fight our ranking among the most “miserable” countries.


Luminato creates a punctuation situation

The Local Collective uses colourful symbols to create a cohesive image for the Toronto arts festival.


James Ready holds its own with special cargo pants

Conflict helped the beer brand design big-pocket trousers that can keep a 2-4 cold and close by.

Five Nine Whiskey 6

Five Nine bourbon stands tall for blue collar workers

123w designed a whiskey launched by clothing brand Troll Co., which similarly aims to reach an average working Joe.


Food Banks Canada shows its gratitude for all the help

After raising $150 million in its pandemic fundraising efforts, the non-profit is saying thanks.


Children of the Street urges parents to have the ‘talk’

A campaign by Will aims to show how one conversation can protect kids from online predators.


Color Cannabis meets colour theory

The brand’s refresh and new campaign aims to tie how its products look with how they make you feel.


Pinball Clemons Foundation looks for the right bounce

A new ad from Fuse Create uses the game as a metaphor for the instability some youth experience in life.


Tim Hortons doubles down on Double Doubles

To recognize a once-in-a-lifetime date, the QSR is giving out big rewards for anyone who spots other “twos” in the world.


Jack Astor’s creates a new holiday to celebrate bro love

The casual dining chain celebrates platonic male friendships with Palentine’s Day, set for the day after Valentine’s Day.