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With every Lego creation, a thousand lies

Luckily for parents, lying to children has its benefits, according to new ads by Brad.


The next-gen selfie?

A London Lego store is allowing visitors to create the ultimate in customizable building sets.


Move over, Birkin bag

This shopping bag lets you look like a Lego person-human hybrid.

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Tiny people versus the world

Leaving Lego pieces in all the right places.


Building new opportunities with Lego

IKO doesn’t let a child’s disability get in the way of their imagination.

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Anatomically correct toys

This artist skins playthings to reveal their innards.

Star Wars

Toy wars

Lego puts the whole force in a small package.

lego builder

Lego iPhone case

The perfect tech accessory for the building inclined.


Lego riddles

Solve the brick-filled clues to walk down memory lane.

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Golden Lego

This gilted brick ain’t for building with.