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Old Blood Gin

Old Blood Gin has launched in Singapore. Or has it?

Cheil Canada’s campaign undermines the value perceived in old, established brands.


Illustrating the family moments that would have been

Dermodex diaper cream helped bring illustrated albums of uncaptured experiences to Brazilian late-adoption families.


Who’s been creeping your portfolio?

A new online tool helps freelancers figure out which agencies have an eye on their work.


Peugeot drives the voice-over guy mad

In a parody-style spot, the French automaker proves that even pro drives needs the of assistance of driving technologies.


Defining ethical meat with kid-friendly pig videos

Pork producer DuBreton aims to raise awareness of what qualifies as organic and humane meat products.

Special Olympics

How art helped Colombian athletes get to next Olympics

The Special Olympics partnered with McCann Colombia on works inspired by real athletes’ training movements.


The million ways you’re a millionaire

A campaign for Chile’s Loto lottery suggests wealth is a not always found in your bank account.


This may be the longest URL in history

Hotels.com extends its URL-name to include a full range of destinations and accommodations.


A man in a monkey suit swings into work

A new campaign for ContactMonkey features a costumed worker (somehow) achieving greatness.


Redeem your coupon and smoke it, too

Customers of orderweedonline.ca were given a ‘toke of appreciate’ on 4/20.