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Articles by Justin Dallaire

Inside the life of Ousmane Dembélé

In a follow-up to street soccer documentary Concrete Football, Nike debuts a biographical mini-series starting with the French soccer player.


A totally weird video for a totally weird beverage

Only a nonsensical spot could capture the bizarre allure of Pimento’s ginger, tonic and chili pepper flavour combination.


Note to diaper companies: ‘Our caca deserves better’

Little Big Change teams up with babies to bring its message of chemical-free diapers to the world.


Cannes look-ahead: A Snapchat-inspired sound exhibit

Artist Christian Marclay and Snap Inc will give guests a taste of sound’s emotional pull at the Cannes Lions festival.


Milk enters the world of GIFs

A campaign for the European Milk Forum recontextualizes some of the most popular GIFs on the internet, giving them a milk-focused backstory.


Soccer, soft drinks and social

In a series of spots by Mercado McCann, Coca-Cola pumps fans up for the upcoming World Cup.


This is how Zelle moves money

The payments platform demonstrates the many daily transactions it can help fulfill.


Moët & Chandon release tennis-inspired champagne bottles

The limited edition design marks the 20th anniversary of tennis legend Roger Federer’s career.

Old Blood Gin

Old Blood Gin has launched in Singapore. Or has it?

Cheil Canada’s campaign undermines the value perceived in old, established brands.


Illustrating the family moments that would have been

Dermodex diaper cream helped bring illustrated albums of uncaptured experiences to Brazilian late-adoption families.