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A new kind of non-toxic

Director Kim Gehrig helps Gillette question what it really means to be a man.


A new drink to burst your bubble

Burns Group has spearheaded the launch campaign for a new alcoholic beverage that shines without sparkle.

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Don’t be a butthead

If you can’t kick your smoking habit, Gloryparis at least wants you to go after another one.

Siri tap

Hey Siri, let’s dance

Canadian tap dancers show that there’s really nothing a voice assistant can’t do.


Colonel Steal Yo Girl

You know that movie, What Women Want? Spoiler alert: it’s chicken.


Go take a Hike

That’s what this beer brand said to its old logo after 14 years.



We sincerely hope the clock isn’t ticking on this design trend.


This holiday card is lit

Wunderman is going to bring a little light into your holiday.


The Stimulant gift guide: Last-minute edition

There’s four days to go. Read our guide, order online and put your feet up.


Whisky business

You need more fibre in your life. And more whiskey.