Top Ad Ideas


Scream! Your! Own! Name!

Racy Toronto billboard by The Garden elicits moans and groans.


The Blue Jays Way

A new 30-second spot aims to get fans pumped for Opening Day.


Rolling up legendary Tim Hortons’ ads

The QSR takes a satirical approach with its “Legends of the Roll Up: The Dynasty” spots by Zulu Alpha Kilo.


No rest for Hamuq

The Canadian company is waking Canucks up to yet another mattress-in-a-box option.


Lululemon spins up a collab

The Vancouver co. partnered with SoulCycle on a capsule collection.


Greenpeace Canada sticks it to plastic

Rethink reimagines its award-winning campaign for Instagram users.


Moncton has a wild side?

The New Brunswick city bares teeth in a new spot by Buoy Marketing + Production.


A campaign that’s all vapour and mirrors

Health Canada tapped agency Banfield to reach youth with an anti-vaping ad.

Teavana Black Sesame Tea Latte (1)

Starbucks Canada perks up Insta-fans

The new Canada-only Black Sesame Tea Latte jolted Instagram users awake.


NFB creates NSFW-ish video

The film board and Rethink’s new video features drawings of ‘eggplants’ to make an important point about ‘peaches.’