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Ikea has one for the English majors

This year’s catalogue gets a once-over from critic Hellmuth Karasek.


Everyday heroes

Ikea thanks the unsung heroes that get used (and trampled) each day.

Ikea 3

Furniture-powered batteries

Ikea is ridding the world of cables, one charger at a time.

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Improving communication at home

Ikea makes emoticons that de-clutter your love life.

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Furniture and frights

Brands play dress-up and treat consumers to creepy ads.


You’re getting sleepy…

Ikea uses hypnosis to show customers their future.

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Home pets

Ikea puts pooches on display.

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Ikea provides the setting for cohabiting etiquette.

Leo Burnett

Monkey business

Leo Burnett reveals the plan behind Darwin.

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Augmented catalogue

Ikea virtually puts the furniture in your home.