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You’ve got to ‘hand’ it to Netflix

The web content for Paradise PD cuts like a knife.


A new type of look for Netflix

The streamer unveiled a custom font, taking a queue from the likes of Apple and Google.

Castle Frank

Castle, Frank Station

To promote Netfilx’s The Punisher series, Environics capitalized on a naming coincidence.


Netflix brings Riverdale diner to Canada

It’s not the first time the streaming service has attracted fans with a themed pop-up.

spotify and netflix

Picturing moods

What would happen if Netflix and Spotify came together to create a data-driving campaign?


Netflix ads spread like a virus

Drew Barrymore (literally) devours the competition in billboards for The Santa Clarita Diet.


Lighting a candle for every brand

Netflix and KFC find a new sense to invade.


Friends pre-roll ads for a new generation

Netflix is targeting youth with clips of Rachel petting hairless cats and Joey wearing lipstick in Japan.


Daredevil characters looking worse for wear

DDB stages a Twitter war on the streets of Toronto.


Can’t be bothered

Optus fills Aussies in on Netflix, despite Ricky Gervais’ best efforts.