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Back to the future

Agency Jam3 creates a vision of 2048 for an Adidas sneaker that celebrates the ’90s.

Adidas Soccer

Adidas takes soccer to the streets

Posterscope added some flair to an OOH ad for Adidas in India.

Zissou shoe

I want you on Team Zissou

Adidas released 100 pairs of the Rom Zissou sneaker from Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic.


Real talk from James Harden

Adidas shows what makes him the most creative guy in the NBA.


Sight-seeing and calorie-burning

Adidas adds some local flavour to get you to run more.


Take your spot

Adidas launches a year-long campaign with the world’s best.


Twitter fashion

Adidas let followers own the runway from the comfort of their couch.


Jump store

Adidas trades leaps for shoes.

adidas 1

Originals unite

Adidas mixes it up.

12 11 27 snoop

Ebenezer Snoop

An Adidas Christmas Carol.

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