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Copied from strategy - viahabits

Why not take Via Rail?

A new fall campaign from the brand shows why taking a train to your destination is better than driving.

Copied from strategy - globalcitizen

Speaking up through slam poetry

Global Citizen uses music to inspire action on health and poverty.

Copied from strategy - zuluelection

Zulu makes a bi-partisan pitch

The agency makes a play for the U.S. market by sending an RFP to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Copied from strategy - edgedad

Edge cereal takes on masculine tropes

The General Mills brand puts a twist on “for men”-style products in a new spot.


Taking your kid’s art off the fridge

This Turkish designer will turn your child’s drawings into jewelry you can wear with pride.


Child-like wonder

Mercedes-Benz shows grown-ups how easy it can be to “open” their imaginations again.


Used cars get more stylish

Autotrader used a scanner and projector to create cars out of any colour imaginable.


Have fun getting out of the sun

Cineplex and Zulu Alpha Kilo use towel-sized movie tickets to help beach-goers beat the summer heat.


Smash like a supervillain

Warner Bros. set up a Suicide Squad-inspired Rage Room in Toronto where you can let out your inner bad guy.


Fruit of the Loom destroys small businesses

Poor Josh and Donny’s Superstore has been put out of business by the brand’s new, breathable fabric.