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Copied from strategy - freelancersunite

Introducing the FU Awards

Free agents get the recognition they’re looking for in a freelancer-only awards show.


Have we seen this Honda ad before?

DS+P parodies the automaker’s well-known ad to show how important it is to use genuine parts.

Copied from strategy - viahabits

Why not take Via Rail?

A new fall campaign from the brand shows why taking a train to your destination is better than driving.

Copied from strategy - globalcitizen

Speaking up through slam poetry

Global Citizen uses music to inspire action on health and poverty.

Copied from strategy - zuluelection

Zulu makes a bi-partisan pitch

The agency makes a play for the U.S. market by sending an RFP to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Copied from strategy - edgedad

Edge cereal takes on masculine tropes

The General Mills brand puts a twist on “for men”-style products in a new spot.


Taking your kid’s art off the fridge

This Turkish designer will turn your child’s drawings into jewelry you can wear with pride.


Child-like wonder

Mercedes-Benz shows grown-ups how easy it can be to “open” their imaginations again.


Used cars get more stylish

Autotrader used a scanner and projector to create cars out of any colour imaginable.


Have fun getting out of the sun

Cineplex and Zulu Alpha Kilo use towel-sized movie tickets to help beach-goers beat the summer heat.