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Smash like a supervillain

Warner Bros. set up a Suicide Squad-inspired Rage Room in Toronto where you can let out your inner bad guy.


Fruit of the Loom destroys small businesses

Poor Josh and Donny’s Superstore has been put out of business by the brand’s new, breathable fabric.


Ikea goes avant-garde

This odd-but-beautiful spot doesn’t show a single piece of furniture from a much-hyped upcoming collection.


How to celebrate #NationalFryDay

McDonald’s spread the holiday spirit to fry lovers with stylish shirts and an oddly compelling live-stream of one of its fry stations.


Drones are helping Pokemon Go players

People are going to extreme lengths to catch ‘em all, but this drone makes it a little easier to access hard-to-reach areas.


Ashley Madison gets experimental

The much-maligned dating site drops the affairs and repositions itself as a place for “open-minded dating.”


How to cheer up a goth kid

Apparently, all it takes is some sweet-smelling shampoo to brighten up a moody teen.


Being a better human

Extreme Group launches a clothing line that encourages people to be kind to each other.


Bowen Island is awful

Sassy animal mascots help Rethink keep the island in B.C. a (sort of) well-kept secret.


Coming to a consensus

Leo Burnett sits down with some organs so that YP Dine can finally get them to agree on where to eat.