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Gather ’round the unlit yule log

Restaurant chain Noodlebox is showing how “fire makes all the difference” with an hour-long video of cold, dead wood.


Klickmas all the time

Santa’s workshop is no longer the only Christmas business operating 365 days per year.


Burger King goes to McDonald’s

The burger joint’s latest trolling efforts involve selling penny Whoppers when customers are near its competitor’s stores.

Peregrine_the more tape the merrier

Peregrine will ‘man-wrap’ your gifts for a good cause

Worried about grooming and wrapping gifts this season? This campaign has you covered.


MS Paint me a picture

Sid Lee Collective and Toronto’s OnlyOneGallery collaborator to showcase the lasting creative power of MS Paint.


Coasting down the motherboard highway

Artwork portrays the importance of tech for Argentina’s rural communities.


Fearless Girl’s bulletproof message against gun violence

McCann New York’s celebrated statue throws on a vest to stand up against gun violence in the U.S.

Burger King

Burger King feeds your nightmares

The “Nightmare King” Halloween burger is “clinically proven” to ruin your REM sleep.


Click if you dare

A writer was busy at work when an ominous poem landed in his inbox…

Hoefler & Co

Face the music for your design crimes

With Hoefler & Co.’s “Typographic Ticket Book,” pedants can ticket people for their design crimes.