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My music tastes are very… singular

Like to scream in the shower? Spotify’s got a playlist for you.

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Spotify’s got an endless supply of Drake

Working with Republic, the streaming platform made the R&B superstar the face of more than two dozen playlists.


Spotify is seriously okay with you being a free listener

Really, who hasn’t gone on a demonic spree of terror after hearing Camila Cabelo’s “Havana”?


Spotify makes its resolutions for 2018

The streaming service once again used data to craft a quirky message in Canada and beyond.


Audio streaming in the Upside Down

A subtle addition to Spotify’s settings makes for a fun trip to a dark world.

spotify and netflix

Picturing moods

What would happen if Netflix and Spotify came together to create a data-driving campaign?


Thanks, Canada

The country gets a global pat on the back from Spotify users for making damn good music.


Spotify highlights the weird in year-end campaign

The music streaming service’s OOH ads combine the global with the local.

sobel 7

Long live the hi-fi

What if you could have Spotify and vintage style too?



Every second, two people hit play on the same track at the same time.