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Free hoodies (if you can scale this cliff)

Clothing brand 37.5 Technology hosted “the world’s most remote pop-up shop.”


Marriage Valley and other tales by robots

This is what you get when artificial intelligence pens romance novels.


The luckiest bags of chips

Tostitos invites NFL fans to share their team’s pre-game superstitions.


Super Nintendo is back with a classic trailer

The brand goes retro to promote the re-release of its beloved console.


10 years of the James Lee Foundation scholarship

Young creatives can win funding set up to honour the late DDB creative director.


That’s a wrap

One Condoms announces the winners of its Canada 150 design contest.


Wash your mouth out with soap

Sid Lee produced inappropriate soap designed to cleanse your senses.


Meteor shower as branding opportunity

Lotto 6/49 wishes upon a shooting star. And another. And another.


Stop giffing your life away

Go have a Brahma with your friends, the Argentinian beer brand says in this clever spot.


This forecast brought to you by Svedka

The vodka brand’s new tool helps you plan your party’s drink menu.