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ING Direct comes to the rescue

The digital bank is presenting a cinematic twist on client experiences.

Photo Instagram Activia.2_preview

Activia gets down-to-Earth

The brand’s new creative focuses on women in casual settings rather than depicting them as glam go-getters.


Canada Post unveils its doggie designs

In advance of the Lunar New Year, stamps will be adorned with adorable pups designed by Subplot Design.

Hot Milk Man

Some like milk hot

Kellogg’s found a “Hot-Milk Man” ambassador who’s not too bad on the eyes.


Burger King is cool with being the worst

The chain’s new campaign in the Netherlands invites fans to grill everything awful, from Crocs to bad gifts.


Would you die for a Whopper?

Burger King’s new ad makes light of trading freedom (and, it would seem, your life) for one of the iconic burgers.

The Bitcoin Bucket is Here

KFC gets a ‘bit’ creative

The fast food company traded its $20 bucket for Bitcoins (for a limited time).

Ikea pee

IKEA wants your pee

Urine for a treat, folks (sorry). The retailer is giving discounted furniture to those with child.


Tinder wants to make dating fun again

The new digital campaign says love should be simple, like back in the caveman days.

He Said

In her words

The New York Times says the truth has a voice.