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MailChimp takes on marketers’ deepest fears

The small business aide addresses a black hole in new digital spots.


Last call for Passion Projects

Let us know if you want to donate an item for auction at next week’s AToMiC Awards.


An action figure creatives should fear

Adobe’s Hovering Art Director has an americano, a pensive look and 19 familiar lines.


Holy smokes, is that billboard hacking butts?

The Young Pope lands in Brazil with some dramatic OOH.


PETA gives animals the high ground

The organization creates Animals For the Ethical Treatment of People for a different perspective on animal cruelty.


Unicorns, pregnant lumberjacks and other nonsense

Quebec’s Unibroue celebrates 25 years with a campaign that has fun with its creation myths.


Endless love

Sid Lee’s campaign for FitSpirit urges teenage girls not to break up with sports.


Sounds like Canada

Cleansheet is making a Canadian playlist inspired by the country’s distinct sounds.


Bixi goes local for spring

The bike-sharing service taps local artist Pascal Blanchet for its latest campaign.


Fly me to the moon

Tokyo Smoke partnered with architecture and design firm Partisans to create an out-of-this-world smoking experience.